The product liability attorney may not sound like the most glamorous field of law to be involved in.   However, they do serve a valuable purpose.    In fact, if you ever need a product liability attorney you will appreciate just how important they are to the foundation of life as it is currently known in the US and across the globe.

Product Liability Law

A product liability attorney deals with any matter which breaks the product liability law.    The law can be simply defined by the belief that any item purchased should be fit for its intended purpose.    If you buy an electronic bottle opener; it should be capable of fulfilling that role safely and repetitively.

If the product does not complete the job as intended then you have the right to return it and demand a replacement or refund.    The assumption is that it is one item which is faulty, a replacement should work fine.

The Services of a Product Liability Lawyer

If the product and a replacement one are both faulty you may wish to take action against the manufacturer.    In general this will be with the purpose of protecting others from purchasing an item which does not work properly.    A product liability lawyer can assist with this.

The more serious claims which will always need the assistance of a lawyer are those which have involved an injury.    Providing you have been using the product in the way the manufacturer intended; they will be liable for an injury caused; providing:

  • The product has been recently bought new and is within the warranty period.
  • The manufacturer could have reasonably seen the product defect and has failed to take action to prevent this from occurring.
  • In certain cases, even if the product defect could not have been seen in advance but it has caused an injury.

As you can imagine; there are complex issues which must be proven in order for you to win any claim against a manufacturer.    This is why a product liability lawyer will be able to assist you.

Product Range

There are many different products available on the market in the US and other countries.    This has meant that some product liability attorneys have chosen to specialize in specific products; such as medications, vehicles, food or even guns.

Many of these attorneys will work on a no win, no fee basis and will represent a number of different people at the same time.    There are two reasons for this:

  1. Strength in numbers

If many people have experienced the same fault and even been injured by a product it is much easier for the product liability lawyer to build an unbeatable case.    This will increase your chances of obtaining a reasonable level of compensation.

  1. Financially viable

Taking on the huge corporations can be an extremely costly business and is often not viable even for the best lawyers; unless they are representing many people.    By representing many people in what is known as a class action lawsuit, the lawyer can generate you the compensation you need and obtain a reasonable fee for their services.