Divorce has always been part of society.    However, it has only been within the last 20 years that it has become socially acceptable.    This is a sign of modern times; in part a reflection that people are living much longer than they used to.

Where a family lawyer or divorce attorney was once considered to be a job that virtually anyone could do; it is now recognized as being a highly specialized area of law.

What a Divorce Attorney Needs to Know

You will have read about the high profile divorce cases; ones which involve millions of dollars and a number of properties.    These are the most complex examples of the divorce process but the fundamentals are the same in every divorce.

  • A good divorce attorney must know every aspect of family law.   This will ensure they can apply the right principles and get the best possible deal for their clients.
  • Business Law – It is also essential that a good divorce attorney has a sound knowledge of businesses, how they operate and how they can be fairly divided without impeding the process of running the business.

  • Real Estate – Another area which must be known about.   Whether it is the family home or a string of investment properties; property law will affect the outcome of any divorce settlement.
  • Spousal settlements – Children are often difficult to deal with in a divorce.   It is traumatic when your parents separate and everything changes.    Children still need to be supported and this can be difficult if one partner owns everything.    Knowledge of how to handle this process is essential.
  • Finances – In a straightforward case the assets are split.   But what if there are no assets, just debts.    It can then be extremely difficult to find the right balance.    In fact, the result is often bankruptcy in conjunction with divorce.

A divorce attorney is not your shoulder to cry on.    But, they must have a good understanding of all the different processes involved in the average divorce.    This will help them to come to an arrangement which suits all parties; even if it may not seem like the best settlement at the time!

Case by Case

Every divorce is unique; the factors involved and reasons for divorce are varied and can have a huge influence on the outcome of the proceedings.

Alongside knowing all the relevant laws and being able to apply them to a specific case, a divorce attorney must take into account why the divorce is happening and how it can be best resolved without going to court.

Although an attorney is qualified to handle a court case, these can be exceptionally long processes which generally provide little benefit to either party; they simply make the attorneys richer.

A good divorce attorney will focus on getting you a fair settlement; but most importantly, they will attempt to get this in as short a time as possible.    This will minimize costs, relieve the stress on you and allow all parties to move forward with their lives.    Whilst earning the divorce attorney a good reputation.