For any business big or small, having a lawyer that is able to handle the legal aspect of business and safeguard the interests of that business is very important. However, for some business, having the money to pay a lawyer to cater to all the needs of the business can be tough especially if the business has just started growing. Nonetheless, even with the lack of funds to keep a qualified and highly experienced lawyer on the payroll, the dependency of such a business on such a professional still exists.

Outside General Counsel seeks to offer the best solution for a business that might find itself is such a situation. With the lawyer on demand service, the business can hire a lawyer when they need one and they will be offered with a professional that understands the business and the field of law comprehensively. This allows business to meet its need to have legal representation when absolutely needed without having to pay too much for the retainer.

Outside GC features a wide varied of practitioners from various fields of law and backgrounds to suit the needs of different businesses. Practitioners from Outside GC have a background in executive positions in different companies and are also member of an in-house team of lawyers who provide lawyer on demand services. With these services, businesses are sure that they are getting the best quality of service from highly experienced and highly qualified professionals.

Outside GC services are also available to business that have an in-house team of lawyers but for one reason or the other might want to hire extra law experts on a temporary basis. Compared to adding a legal counsel to the in-house team and then releasing them after the task at hand is complete, with the lawyer on demand services, the business has an easier time and the process is more affordable while bearing the same if not better results.

The lawyers on demand from Outside GC are able to cater to wide range of legal process which includes negotiating, drafting and reviewing leases, risk management policies and procedures, handling immigration and employment matter and also negotiating and drafting contracts among others. The lawyers are drawn from different geological backgrounds and locations to allow them better understand the local legislations for the best service and results for the business.

The mode of operation is relatively simple and straightforward which helps to cut bureaucracy to allow the professional lawyers get on the matter at hand faster and complete it faster. The relationship between Outside GC and the clients is very flexible and we aim to provide the different companies with the most appropriate fit for their need. The fees are based on the arrangement that the client has with the team to allow structured fees for different purposes in different companies.

Outside GC can be reached through their email address which is available on their website and also via phone. There is also the option of visiting social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The website is also very resourceful and contains information about the teams, the experience and the procedure for engaging the team.