In a divorce case, the children are often the worst sufferers. It is not too uncommon for parents to move to another city or state along with their children without obtaining a consent agreement from the other parent. Separation from the children can be very stressful for any one parent. If you want to stop your former partner from taking your children away from you, here are the following things which you can do to prevent them from taking any such step.

If you suspect your former partner of taking your children away from you to a different state you can ask your family law firm in Brisbane to put your child’s name on the family love watch list which is formerly known as the airport watch list. This step can only be taken if you are already in the court regarding your divorce case.

If you are not currently in the court you shall need to act fast and made an urgent ex- party application to the court seeking an injunction stopping your former partner from taking your child overseas.

Under extremely emergency situations where you are unable to contact your family law firm in Brisbane or think that the matter cannot wait until the next working day there is an emergency number to call with the family court of Australia and they can help you with the matter if it is urgent.

While dealing with a difficult partner who you suspect can move to a different country with a child, it is important to remember that if your partner intends travelling to a country that is not a part of the Hague convention which guides the civil aspects of international child abduction, you might have a difficult time in trying to see your children again. If your former partner travels to a non-Hague convention country then there is no family law of farm in Australia which can help you to meet your children or locate them.

The family courts in Australia always advocates on a child spending adequate amount of time with both the parents for a particularly good reason. If you suspect your partner of moving away from your city or state you should immediately consult a family law firm in Brisbane and have the child returned to the normal living situation. You can ask your family law firm in Brisbane to act as a mediator between yourself and your former spouse regarding the custody arrangements. However, if you fail to reach any amicable solution then the court will help you to deal with the issue.

If your family law firm in Brisbane can prove that there is a risk of harm to the child in the move then a court will more likely than ever to arrange an interview very quickly. The onus will then be with the parent wishing to move away to demonstrate to the court why he or she thinks that it is in the best interest of the child to move to a new location, which in no way is an easy task to accomplish.

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